Changes to Service in Response to COVID-19

FISH provides ESSENTIAL services and we will remain OPEN! The food pantry is essential and our staff is approved to be at work and continue serving our community.

Because of the continuing uncertainties around the community spread of COVID19, FISH is implementing recommendations from the Washington State Department of Agriculture and our partners in the food distribution community, we are changing service delivery methods.

We are making additional changes to limit face to face contact for our volunteers and clients. We appreciate your continued flexibility and patience under these unprecedented circumstances.

Beginning Monday, March 30th, the following procedures and changes to distribution hours will be in place for the food pantry, for Senior Nutrition, Meals on Wheels and Open Table lunches:

Food Pantry

-The hours of distribution will change to the following:

Monday/Tuesday NO DISTRIBUTION, Wednesday/Thursday 12:00-4:00 Friday we will be open to SENIORS and SPECIAL NEEDS CLIENTS ONLY from 9:00-12:00.

-Volunteers, staff and clients will maintain social distancing (6 feet on all sides) at all times to prevent potential exposure to anyone with the virus. Please respect our newly painted “social distancing lines” in the area where people are waiting in line and give our volunteers and staff at least 6 feet of space.  

-Volunteers and staff will be gloved at all times and will be instructed in procedures and expected to wash down surfaces between service.

-Clients will not be admitted into the building to browse the Pantry and food or to use facilities.

-Clients will approach the building at a “pass through” location clearly marked for distribution and will be given instructions at that point to receive their groceries.   Grocery distribution will be prepackaged selection of produce, meat and canned goods that are currently available in the panty.          

Anyone who is sick should NOT come to the Pantry.  Instead, call our offices at 509-925-5990 and you will be given instructions on how to receive food. 

We will be doing deliveries on a case by case basis (advanced age and for those who are already ill) but we encourage your to send a family member to pick up your groceries if at all possible. If you need to have groceries delivered and have exhausted all other options, please call our office at 509-925-5990 ext 801 and speak with Jenna to see if we can accommodate you. Call before 10:00am to schedule a delivery for the same day between 1:00-3:00. We are unable to accommodate any special requests for deliveries.

-It is our intention to provide groceries to anyone who needs them. All steps will be taken to keep volunteers, staff and clients safe and healthy while assuring services remain available.

-We will continue to accept new clients.

Senior Nutrition / Meals on Wheels / Open Table

-Senior Nutrition will become home delivered meals.  FISH prepared and frozen meals will be available for delivery to all who are registered for Senior Nutrition.  Anyone not currently interested and qualifies for the service should contact Open Table by calling 509-933-3333.

Meals on Wheels clients will move to a weekly delivery of FISH prepared and frozen meals.

-There will be NO Open Table meals served for the immediate future.   However, our local homeless community is invited for a hot meal provided by Daily Bread Mercantile (at the green house across the street from Daily Bread) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-5. Also, Ellensburg Pasta Company will provide a meal on Tuesdays to be handed out at Calvary Baptist from 11-1pm.

Anyone who is hungry and needs food is encouraged to come to the FISH Food Pantry. Anyone with questions or concerns should call 509-925-5990 and follow the prompts for Reception, Executive Director or Meals on Wheels / Senior Nutrition.