Peer-2-Peer Giving Tuesday!





Welcome to the exclusive Peer-2-Peer page for the Giving Tuesday campaign!  We are so glad you’re joined us!

Every year FISH runs an end of the year campaign asking for donations to help the Food Bank serve your neighbors through the winter.  Last winter we began using the phrase “Give the Gift of Hope” with our campaign, referring to the hope that we strive to bring those who use our services.  This year, we will continue with our Gift of Hope, encouraging people to Be the Hope as well.  You are part of that Hope!  Your help with Giving Tuesday and with your time and talents that you are giving to FISH help bring needed food, resources and hope to our community.  You are the HOPE!

Below are the downloads which comprise the Giving Tuesday Toolkit.  Use any or all of this information in your posts, emails and other outreach to those you know.  You are more then welcome to write to me to ask questions, look for encouragement or just say hi – I love to talk to people!

Thank you so much for your help!

Elise Warren


Photos for social media and emails

These photos are called “stock” photos – they are free for use in any media.  We don’t take pictures of our clients to protect their privacy, so we use these instead.  There are two or three photos per file.

Photos 1 Photos 2 Photos 3 Photos 4 Photos 5 Photos 6 Photos 7 Photo 8 Photos 9

Here is a basic timeline with ideas about how to tackle Giving Tuesday!


Here are some tricks and tips for creating great posts.

  • Keep the post image simple – Facebook for instance does not like a lot of words on a post.  Make the image big and clear, so it’s easy to read on a phone.
  • Keep the image colorful – Make it eye-catching.  What do you look at on your feed?
  • When writing the post, make your point quick and clear – You don’t have to write a lot of text to say what you want to say.  Shorter is more likely to get read all the way to the end.  How often do you hit the “read more” button?
    • Help me help FISH!  This year I’m asking for you to help me help our local food bank with a donation today!  My goal is . . . and so far I’ve made . . .  Won’t you help out?
    • I’m working with our local food bank to help make the holidays great. Today is Giving Tuesday, an international day of giving.  Can you help our neighbors have a great Christmas?
    • In Kittitas county we have an 18% poverty rate, and even more working poor.  Will you help me make their holidays brighter this year?
  • Most of all, make it real – the more these messages come from your heart – the more they will resonate with your audience.

Here are some sample Facebook posts you can make into your own.  I recommend Canva ( for making cool post images – it’s free and pretty easy.








Here is an email sample to work from.


Here are some hunger resources and data about Kittitas County.

Facts and Figures for Giving Tuesday

Here are some stories you can use or adapt to your situation.

Stories for Giving Tuesday

FISH’s Logo.  You are welcome to use the logo on all your posts and emails!  (There is a white logo on the end.)