Pantry FAQ’s for Clients

What if I don’t have ID?

  1.  We can serve someone who comes in, even without ID.  On their first visit, they can choose from all the shelves and items including milk, eggs, cheese, government provided meats and shelf stable foods. 
  • On their second visit, if they provide ID, they can continue to choose from all the items available in the pantry.  If they cannot provide ID they will be able to choose from donated items (grocery rescue, canned and dry items donated to FISH) and items out of the “Cultural Corner” which includes masa, black beans, pinto beans and rice.

What forms of ID are accepted?

The ID is being used as proof of residency in Kittitas County. 

  1. Current photo ID (driver license, state issued identification card or passport) with an address in Kittitas County are accepted.
  • If the client has recently moved to the county and has a photo ID (with an out of county address) and a piece of mail (utility bill etc.) with current address, they will be allowed to choose from all pantry items.

How often can I use the food pantry?

  1.  Clients can visit twice per month.