Giving Tuesday Stories

Giving Tuesday Stories


These are just some of the many people who come to visit FISH.  FISH provides a number of services which allow your neighbors to get the help they need.



Patty rides the bus to FISH nearly every morning.  She comes early to talk with everyone here.  She and about 15 friends, wait for lunch through the Senior Nutrition program.  With help from Elmview, FISH is able to provide lunches four days a week to a number of seniors.  It’s one of several Open Table programs which help people like Patty eat healthy, tasty meals.  When lunch is over, Patty, happy with her social time, heads home on the bus.



Claire came in with a caregiver looking for solutions.  She doesn’t live near a bus stop and has no car.  With no car and a part time job, she’s having trouble feeding herself and her two children.  She was grateful to discover that her mother could pick up for her that very afternoon.  FISH helped families like Claire’s with over 500,000 pounds of food last year.



Cassi isn’t a mother.  But she’s raising four girls under the age of I.  her good friends is suffering from cancer and cannot raise them herself.  But Cassi is surrounded by cancer, her mother is battling it too.  So Cassi quit two of her three jobs in order to take care of everyone.  She comes to the food bank regularly to get help to feed her family.