Giving Tuesday Facts



About our clients:

1/3 of all FISH’s households have children in them – many more than one.

More than 1/3 of our households have members over 55 years of age.

1/3 of our clients are from outside urban Ellensburg.

Almost ½ of FISH clients have a disability.

3.4% of our clients are homeless.  That’s 1 in 30.  The rest have homes in Kittitas County.


About the food bank:

The pantry is open 11 ½ hours each week for food distribution.

There are approximately 110 shifts at FISH each week.  The warehouse alone has 46.

There are 80-90 volunteers working at FISH at any time.


About poverty in Washington State:

1 in 15 people (6%) live in deep poverty.  That’s living off of $9,765 a year.

1 in 7 (14%) live in poverty or $19,530 a year.

1 in 3 (37%) are low income.  That’s below $39,060 a year.

And 1 in 5 children (20%) live in a household that struggles to put food on the table.

The most common jobs in Washington State fall short of allowing client to make ends meet unless two adults are working.  This leaves single parents home struggling.


About our neighbors:

18.2% of Kittitas County lives in poverty (see the amount above).  36.7% of Ellensburg residents are also living in poverty.  In Washington State, the average is 11.3%

Kittitas County has a veteran population of 3-6%.  However, FISH’s clients report being a veteran 13.83% of the time.

Nationally 36% of college students, both four year and community colleges, go at some point without food or do not know where their food will come from.  FISH does not have the data for CWU, but we do know that of our households which have students, 40% are college students.