Community Rewards

Below are options to help FISH that cost you nothing and can really add up for FISH!  


Did you know you can give community rewards to FISH when you shop at Fred Meyer?  There’s no cost to you, nor do you give up any rewards points!  This is an extra couple of cents that Fred Meyer will give us simply because you’ve designated us on your card!  What could be better then that!

The first thing you need is a Fred Meyer account.  If you can use ClickList you already have one.  However if you don’t, go to to sign up.  There are options to opt out of mailings and emails.  On the left hand side, under ClickList, is an option to create an account.  Just fill out the form!

You then need to go to to link your account to ours.  Sign in if you aren’t already.  Then click the Re-enroll or link your Rewards Card now button.  Search for FISH.  We are part way down the page.  That’s it!

Remember, this doesn’t cost anything, in reward points or money.

This is simply a way to give to us using Fred Meyer’s money!



AMAZON SMILE – another great way to give!  When you shop at, just use the link below!  Amazon gives us a small portion of the profit!  What could be simpler?  Again, no cost to you, nothing added to your purchase.

Thank you so much for your support of FISH!