Our Team

Peggy Morche – Interim Executive Director


John Poyner – Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager


Lori Skov-Fritts – Kitchen Manager










Elise Warren – Development Coordinator




Rick Haberman, Board Chair

Diane Briggs, Board Vice-Chair

Marcus Bowman, Treasurer

Brandy Yuckert, Secretary

Jeff Duncan, Member

Jen Stuart, Member

Bill Root, Member

Norman Redberg, Member





  1. My friend her son and myself are broke down in town and don’t know what do about food. Please reply I only have 30 mminutes left on computer

    1. Tonia, I’m so sorry! This isn’t the most reliable way to get a hold of us I’m afraid. If you are still looking for food, our distribution runs until 6pm today and begins again at 1:30 tomorrow. You will only need an ID for the head of your household. I hope that you find the help that you need to get your car fixed. We have information on a number of resources here at FISH. You can take the free bus to FISH every half an hour. The bus driver will help you with stop. You can also call us at 509-925-5990

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