Vision, Mission, & Values


That every person in Kittitas County has….

  • a full belly
  • a full heart
  • a full life!


We show the love of Christ by connecting our neighbors to food, resources, and hope.


FISH Community Food Bank exists to serve our neighbors who are hungry and in need of resources that will help them have a better quality of life.

FISH is a Christian organization originally established in 1971 by many churches in our region with the heart to ensure that no person in Kittitas County goes to bed hungry.  Since then, our founding members, as well as other leaders who have followed in their footsteps, have generously sacrificed time, treasure, and talent to continue to grow FISH’s range of services.  FISH’s core values flow from our Christian faith and provide the foundation to serve each other and our community.

These core values are intended to guide the actions of Staff, Board Members, Volunteers, and Partners as they interact with our guests, fellow staff, volunteers, donors, businesses, churches, community partners, and the general public.

The core values serving as the foundation for our services are as follows:

  • Compassion
    • We are caring.

The gift of compassion moves people to action on behalf of those in need. Compassion is not a simple caring about others; rather, it’s such a radical caring that we have no choice but to make sacrifices for others.

  • Dignity:
    • We show respect.

Holding the value of dignity means we show respect for each person, not for anything they do or any rank they hold, but because they reflect the Face of God.

  • Honesty:
    • We speak the truth in love.

All staff and Board members will deal honestly with other staff persons, board members, persons receiving services, and the general public.  The value of honesty cannot be compromised.  We must be honest without being hurtful.

  • Growth:
    • We provide opportunity.

Our aim is to help people to have better lives by providing encouragement, training, physical support, and educational support.

  • Cooperation: 
    • We work together.

We strive to work with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals.

  • Stewardship:
    • We are intentional.

Creating safe environments, protecting people, and managing resources will allow us to further our mission.  We can exceed expectations through teamwork, innovation, and transparency.

  • Courage:
    • We are faithful to our mission.

We will run the race well.  We will not grow weary in doing good.  We will continue to serve our neighbors, even when challenges and opposition arise.