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We’d love to have you!

FISH’s volunteers rock!  If you’d like to be a volunteer, please fill out the form below, then call FISH at 509-925-5990 and schedule a time to come in!  Please read our introductory page on volunteering before you start.


When you submit the form, you agree to the following:

In submitting this application to volunteer at FISH Community Food Bank, I understand that I may be requested to perform duties other than the specific tasks that I have indicated on this form, and that every task is a part of the greater service of FISH.  I will assist in other duties as assigned, with a willing heart and a good attitudes.  I also understand that FISH will conduct a background check of all prospective volunteers, and if necessary deny my the status of volunteer.  As a volunteer, my words and actions represent FISH.  If my words or actions are deemed unsafe or detrimental to the welfare of FISH or its participants, I will be asked to leave.  I am willing to serve others with a cheerful heart and grace.

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